Laryssa Luhovy

Visages et lieux intérieurs


Laryssa Luhovy’s painting aims at creating a sensation of euphoria in the viewer.  At the risk of being controversial, I would say that she offers her own vision of paradise in her paintings.  For the Moderns, art has been considered as a lay version of religion and Laryssa fits into that description that Rothko gave for his painting.  In some Orthodox archetype, beauty illustrates justice and truth and that mould of thought  reaches back through Plotinus to Plato.  Innocence difficult to reach here in society, is illustrated in her painting.

How does she achieve this sense of contemplation and concentration?  She attains purity of colour and clarity of line work.  It is solid work with a clear, unified vision of the colour field.  There is intense lyricism.  The narrative is ever so subtle, underlying or understated.  A few lines and points suggest a self-portrait.  There are subtle structures that resemble crystals.  Islands of black are surrounded by seas of red and blue.  Seams of white stabilize the composition. Her painting is at the meeting point of hard edge and colour field- colour field akin to Rothko.  Her vocabulary is mature.  With great economy of means, she achieves unitary effects.

Andre Seleanu
Art critic
AICA (L’Association internationale des critiques d’art)

Laryssa Luhovy Art